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Quiet on the Boards!

Hi All,

Just learning all about LJ and picking up where Sam left off.   Doesn't seem like the WEbook community is making a lot of noise here . . . anyone want to start some fun projects within the community? 

Perhaps an ongoing story we can work with?

Would love some ideas - I know I need a break from the workday, and this seems like  a great place to start!


Short Story: Subterranean

Hello.  I come bearing a short story.  I haven't posted this on webook.com yet, as I'm hoping to do at least another round of revision before that.  I would really appreciate any kind of feedback.  Please tell me what I'm doing wrong!  I can take it.

Title: Subterranean (I keep changing the title--any suggestions would be welcome)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: general fiction, slightly surreal
Word Count: about 3500
Disclaimer: All characters and content are created by me and belong to me.  They are not for sharing.
Feedback: Any constructive criticism is welcome (brutal honesty accepted and appreciated).  I would love to know what this makes you think/feel/wonder/want/etc.  


Stephen sat at his kitchen table and unfolded his newspaper, enjoying the feel of the crisp pages.  He sipped his coffee and glanced over the headlines on the front page.

“Dismal,” he said, and went off in search of brighter prospects in the Business section.

As he was going through the pages, movement caught his eye and he looked over the top of the paper to see an unfamiliar figure in his backyard.

One minute and forty-five seconds later, Stephen was storming out his back door, in his bathrobe and his good shoes for work – the only pair he’d found at hand.  He came to a stop beside the figure and waited with a carefully crafted icy glare.  The stranger, with thin brown hair draped limply over the tanned skin of his face and neck, continued what he was doing, not acknowledging Stephen’s angry silence.
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Sidenote: Helpful widget for writers

This is a little off-topic (but not really since it's a helpful tool for writers)...

I wanted to share with everyone the release of the WEbook Writing Tip widget. I promise that it'll be worth your time to check this out!

By installing this widget in your personal blog, Facebook profile, or MySpace page, you can get a helpful writing tip every day. Now, we're not saying you need it, but maybe your friends or readers do so please, do them a favor and provide them with access to these great tips.

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Worst Love Stories Ever

I thought I'd start the posting... so here goes!

Over the summer, I started Worst Love Stories Ever, a collection of unhappily-ever-afters.

She broke your heart. He never called. He only sees you as a friend. She definitely started that rumor.

Relationships are difficult, and this project offers a medium for people to share their bad love stories (so hint, don't expect any "and they lived happily ever after" endings!).

Worst Love Stories Ever is centered around what are now funny, but were then drama-creating, heart-crushing, or downright ugly situations in friendship, dating, sex, hate, and, of course, love.

There are some great stories/poems already posted; here's a quick list of featured entries:

  • Worth the price of gas?

  • Lenny and Squiggy at the Theater

  • Bad love makes for good writing.

Enjoy! My story will be coming soon :)

Welcome to the WEbook community on LJ!

Hello readers, writers, reviewers, and WEbook members!

The WEbook writers on LJ community is now accessible to all so start posting your poems, stories, and WEbook projects now.

Enjoy, and I can't wait to start reading!